Villa Asoke Condominium Amenities

Villa Asoke Condominium

The Villa Asoke Condominium in Bangkok offers a range of amenities designed to enhance the lifestyle of its residents. Here’s a brief overview of some of the facilities available:

  • Kids Club 6th Floor Communal
  • Garden Area 39th Floor
  • Communal Pool 6th Floor
  • Communal Gym 6th Floor
  • Communal Garden Area 6th Floor
  • Yoga Area 6th Floor
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Condo Amenities

Villa Asoke Condominium

Communal Garden Area

This high-rise garden offers residents a peaceful and green space amidst the urban environment. It’s perfect for relaxation, enjoying the outdoors, and taking in the views of the city from an elevated perspective.

Communal Pool

The pool area is a key feature for recreation and relaxation. It’s ideal for swimming, lounging, and escaping the heat. The pool’s location on the 6th floor ensures privacy and a pleasant environment away from the hustle and bustle of street level.


Catering to fitness enthusiasts, the gym is equipped with various exercise machines and weights. It’s a convenient facility for residents to maintain their fitness regime without leaving the comfort of the condominium.

Yoga Area

While Bangkok certainly has an excellent public transport infrastructure; after commuting to work, the last thing you need is to head to the other side of the city to get your daily exercise in.
The good news? You’ll have a fully kitted fitness room on your doorstep with—quite literally—all the equipment you need to maintain a balanced routine.
Whether you want to hit the ground running with an early morning sprint on the treadmills or if you’d prefer some leisurely weight-lifting in the afternoon, our on-site gym will provide you with everything you need to work up a sweat, stay in shape, and burn-off those extra calories.

Kids Club

This area is dedicated to children, providing a safe and fun environment where kids can play and engage in various activities. It’s a great space for young residents to socialize and enjoy their time within the condominium complex.


The Villa Asoke Condominium boasts an enviable location that is highly advantageous for residents who prefer the convenience of quick and easy travel within Bangkok. It is located just 1.6 kilometers away from the Asoke BTS Station, which is one of the city’s main Skytrain stations, providing seamless connectivity to various parts of the metropolis. For those who utilize the subway, the Phetchaburi MRT Station is a mere 200 meters from the condominium, making it an almost doorstep facility for rapid transit underground. Additionally, the condominium’s proximity to the Si Rat Expressway, at just 870 meters, ensures that residents who travel by car can easily access the city’s extensive expressway network for faster travel times and less congestion. These transportation options position Villa Asoke as an ideal residential choice for individuals seeking accessibility and ease of movement in their Bangkok lifestyle.


Villa Asoke Condominium is not only strategically placed for transportation but also for shopping and convenience. Residents can enjoy close proximity to several retail destinations, adding to the appeal of this urban living space. Midtown Asoke, a mere 830 meters away, offers a diverse range of shops and eateries, catering to the everyday needs and lifestyle desires of the residents. For those seeking more variety, Prasarnmit Plaza (in the Bulakul Building 1888), which is 1.2 kilometers away, provides additional shopping options. Furthermore, the Central Plaza Grand Rama 9, located just 1.4 kilometers from the condominium, is one of Bangkok’s larger shopping malls, offering a comprehensive shopping experience with a wide array of stores, restaurants, and entertainment facilities. The Villa Asoke’s proximity to these shopping hubs ensures that residents have convenient access to everything from groceries to luxury goods, all within a short walk or drive.


Villa Asoke Condominium is an ideal residential choice for families and students, given its proximity to several prestigious educational institutions. The NIST International School is just 850 meters away, offering high-quality international education for children of various ages. Slightly further at 880 meters is St. Stephen’s International School, another reputable institution providing an excellent learning environment for students. Additionally, for those in higher education or seeking university-level courses, Srinakharinwirot University’s Prasarnmit Campus is conveniently situated only 930 meters from the condominium. This close range to educational centers makes Villa Asoke an attractive location for residents who prioritize easy and quick access to educational facilities for themselves or their family members.


The Villa Asoke Condominium provides its residents with the reassurance of quick access to medical care, with several healthcare facilities in close vicinity. For specialized care, the Asoke Skin Hospital is just a short 400-meter walk away, catering to dermatological needs. For more general medical services, Rama 9 Hospital is located 1.5 kilometers from the condominium, offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services. Additionally, Bangkok Hospital, which is renowned for its excellent medical care and advanced facilities, is a mere 3 kilometers away. This proximity to multiple hospitals ensures that residents of Villa Asoke have convenient access to some of the best medical services in Bangkok, whether for routine check-ups, emergencies, or specialized treatments.

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